Mildenhall - Sat/Sun 22nd & 23rd July @ 5pm/12.30pm

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Admission Prices (per day) are as follows :

General Admission£20.00
Concession : (65yr’s & over) £17.00
Concession : Children (5-14yrs) £7.00
Family Ticket : 2 Adults & 3 Children£45.00

Please Note:- Advanced tickets are not available for this event. Tickets can be purchased each day at the turnstiles using either cash or card methods of payment.

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars

Historic Stock Cars

National Bangers

National Saloon Stock Cars


Mildenhall Spedeweekend!

It’s the meeting that’s been looked forward to and been planned for months! The Media, The Radio, The Social Networks…….everyone’s been buzzing about this event too and it’s finally here, the 2017 National Saloon Stock Cars European Championship and Spedeweekend at Mildenhall Stadium, for a very special action packed race weekend in the ‘West Row Bowl’.

This coming weekend, we play host to an absolute feast of top class Stadium Oval Motorsport. The headline of the weekend will be the National Saloon Stock cars European Championship, but we also stage the National Unlimited Bangers Pre 90 Suffolk Championship, Brisca F2 Stock Cars in a World of Shale Qualifying Round and Historic Stock Cars too!

There is a whole lot more besides with qualifying heats throughout the weekend, we want to make for a Full Contact 2017 Spedeweekend at Mildenhall our Race Fans simply won’t forget!

On Sunday 23rd July, the past years work, travelling, racing and commitment put in by Europe’s leading National Saloon Stock Car Drivers will all be laid on the line as we witness the running of the great race, which dates back for many reasons to the early 1970’s. This could just be one of the most ‘open’ world finals for some time. Be sure to be there to witness history once again being made.

Before the great race, there will be a host of races and activities to get through on the Saturday for all Formulas.

Racing starts at 5pm Saturday and 1.30pm Sunday. Facilities include covered Grandstands, banked terracing and catering outlets serving our world famous fish and chips and a number of other tasty snacks. Don’t forget to visit the Matt Bull Trackshop for all your souvenir full colour new Race Meeting Programmes, your favourite merchandise and Wheelspin Magazine – not to mention Matt’s superb photos for sale.

The Stadium also has plenty of toilets, ample car parking and spectator access to the pit area.

Those wanting to book a Mascot Experience as a treat at Mildenhall, can do so by contacting our Ipswich Office on 01473 612423 to confirm your place if you want to take advantage of this unique experience!

If you enjoy your visit, how about treating a friend to one of our Race Meetings by purchasing one of our Spedeworth / Incarace Experience Vouchers so they too can join in the fun? Please call our Ipswich Office on 01473 612423 for further details!

If you haven’t visited Mildenhall Stadium before, this meeting promises to be a good reason to attend and could be just the excuse needed to visit us as we look forward to you joining us on Saturday evening at Mildenhall Raceway!

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Booking List

Booking list as 21/07/2017, 1.15pm

National Saloon Stock Cars - European Championship - 56 cars

2 Luke Dawson
6 Simon Welton
19 Darren Mansi
26 Tommy Barnes
27 Kieren Bradford
28 Ian Govier
38 Barry Glen
78 Jack Thompson
99 Jacob Roff
116 Andrew (Diggy) Smith
127 Will Longford
128 Craig Banwell
131 Timmy Barnes
140 Andrew Meen
148 Ian Redden
149 Jamie Sampson
157 Max Stott
158 Shane Davies
171 Adam O'Dell
182 Lewis Gallie
190 John Wagstaff
192 Robert Heanes
199 Phillip Powell
214 Tom Yould
217 Sid Madgwick
218 Jacob Downey
220 Casey Englestone
270 Matthew Fuller
298 Ian Elms
304 Martyn Parker
306 Daniel Parker
321 Marcus Skeels
349 Michael Allard
350 Thomas Parrin
351 Lewis Byron
386 Daniel Petters
399 Cole Atkins
420 Ivan Street
425 Tom Balls
428 Lee Sampson
448 Martin Kibble
499 David Aldous
502 Tyler Bloomfied
505 Alistair Strachan
525 Wesley Starmar
538 Jake Swann
570 Simon Venni
610 Trent Arthurton
641 Willie Skoyles Jnr
682 Paul Sparrow
684 Ian McLaughin
730 Deane Mayes
733 Kyle Picton
777 Alan Ainslie
800 Scott Greenslade
888 Shane Emerson

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars - 80 cars - FULLY BOOKED!!

H10 Jelle Tesselaar
12 Daniel Ford
13 Andy Ford
26 Gary Ford
H30 Toon Schut
44 Ben Howard
55 Courtney Finnikin
73 Dale Bennet
81 Mark Clayton
88 Stefan Miller
H103 Cris vd Elst
103 Carl Issitt
113 Pat Issit
121 Henry King
124 Oliver Skeels
H126 Sjoerd Kranenburg
H129 Michael Schutter
131 Gary Leech
136 Kyle Taylor
142 Jonathan Hadfield
150 Mark Thoms
158 Will Clement
H159 Marcel Simons
177 Glen Scott
182 Terry Vernon
H186 Ricardo Smidt
209 Kevin Cope
219 Chris Mitchell
225 Tony Blackburn
226 Billy Webster
H231 Peter Schut
231 Matt Clayton
233 Rob Aldridge
235 Bradley Blyth
252 Sam Claxton
H256 Arnold Berndsen
276 Chris Sutton
277 Billy Banwell
H281 Daniel van Spijker
298 Jake Walker
369 Mick Ford
376 Darren Seneschall
377 Daz Shaw
413 Richard Rayner
414 Josh Rayner
421 James Trigg
431 Andy Gibbs
441 Micky Branston
449 Mark Dorrill
482 Dale Seneschall
H512 Guus Herman
524 Michael Wallbank
597 Barry Clow
599 Jon Lawrence
606 Andrew Palmer
614 Daniel Oxford
615 Josh Coleman
618 Ben Lockwood
623 Robert Dobie
629 Euan Millar
630 Justin Parker
662 Steve Wycherley
682 Jason Cooper
706 Brent Russell
715 Scott Aldridge
724 Tom Pell
770 James Lamb
774 Steve Flatt
784 Tom Roberts
819 Neil Cope
823 Sam Wagner
856 Paul Webb
866 Bobby Griffin
905 Rob Mitchell
908 Stephan Pegg
941 Jamie Lane
962 Graham East
977 Dave Massey
987 Sam Briggs
995 Michael Lund

Historic Stock Cars - 37 cars

7 Collin Moss
14 Steven Stallwood
26 Bill Bylett
33 Gary Madgwick
40 Darren Ankerson
44 Michael Wones
45 Billy Jones
55 Scott Simmonds
71 Nicholas Wickham
77 Kevin Parsons
83 Nigel Weeks
95 Simon Povey
99 Terry Hall
119 Howard Ottywill
173 David Forest
180 Alan Cox
199 Andy Dodge
202 Mike Kilford
259 Geert Roubroeks
314 Graham Stallwood
323 Brian O'Hara
334 Chris Olding
349 Lee Saunders
353 David Sewell
355 Mark Simmonds
368 Rob Rice
369 David Gabriel
391 Graham Francis
411 Ady Ford
419 Ralph Bellamy
465 John Healey
499 Nick Deller
504 Nick Sandom
510 Gordon Coull
523 Timothy Olding
652 Stephen Adams
711 Kevin Welch

National Bangers - 22 cars

3 Danielle Ellis
22 Dave Vincent
37 David Lewis
45 Lee Sutton
49 Loz Dowds
85 James Ellis
95 Anton Martin
112 Sean Gallagher
144 Jordan Godfrey
160 Shayn Winsor
187 Andy Marshall
203 Josh Moldjord
206 David King
230 Dean Moldjord
326 Shane Lynn
328 Daniel Lathan
329 Michael Carter
597 Andy Ashman
606 Liam Weedon
664 Ryan Sutcliffe
924 Matt Millen
960 Ross Winsor

NB: While we take all possible care in compiling this list we cannot be held responsible for the non-appearance of an individual driver!


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