Aldershot - 12/7/2020 @ 12noon

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After months of race tracks laying dormant and race cars gathering dust, over the past few weeks tracks have begun to open back up for practice sessions which reports have said went very well.

Aldershot Raceway was no exception with successful practice sessions taking place.

Now we are moving another step further...

Whilst conforming to both the government and ORCi guidelines, Spedeworth / Incarace are pleased to announce our first race event since 15th March 2020.

Aldershot Raceway will fire back into life on Sunday 12th July with a 'behind closed doors' race meeting which will be streamed LIVE on Spedeworth TV!!

We need to re-emphasise straight away to everyone that this event is strictly 'behind closed doors'. Only authorised persons will be permitted to attend.

The good news is that work is going on behind the scenes with Spedeworth TV to allow the event to be featured live on Spedeworth TV on Sunday 12th July.

So, what's racing we hear you ask?

At time of writing the event will feature the Unlimited National Bangers and Bangers!!

Race start time will be 12noon!

Further details regarding the running of the event will be released in due course.


National Bangers


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Booking List

We have received a lot of interest from drivers interested in racing. We would ask for drivers to book-in asap so we can continue to organise the event and if necessary, we may add a third formula. Drivers wishing to book-in for the event MUST call our head office on 01252 322920 to complete your booking. Please be aware NO OTHER METHOD of booking can be accepted for this event. Once your payment has been processed this acts as your agreement and there will be no refunds.

Booking list as 03/07/2020, 4pm

Bangers - 61 cars

5 Charlie Alexander
17 Anthony Baldwinson
27 Luke Betts
28 Craig Cooper
30 Josh Tonks
60 Daniel Croskell
70 Jamie Thomas
85 Nathan Thurlow
97 Jack Shepherd
101 Kieran Harmer
117 Cameron Tonks
131 Peter Hanmer
134 Vernon Last
161 Ross Gill
165 Charlie Barwell
169 George Roberston
172 Nick Mills
175 Steve Dearing
176 Elliott Hedger
185 Obie Crittenden
197 Sean Chapman
206 Matt Chance
222 Reece Butler
227 Danny Spencer
265 Steven Pankhurst
266 Daniel Smith
267 Danny Grady
292 Harry Airey
314 Jordan Fullaway
317 Tommy Devall
320 Luke Hardy
325 Callum Davies
351 Adrian Martins
355 Hayden Wood
380 Lee Hopkins
400 Lee Kingsnorth
414 Jimmy Craig
417 Harvey Devall
428 Ben Airey
437 Daniel Greener
438 Jason Greener
440 Lennon Phillips
449 Billy Crittenden
449 Bradley Green
477 Martin Harle
494 Jack Harris
512 Kieran Rowe
528 James Bailey
536 Harry Barwell
551 Ben Warner
551 Brett Jackson
562 Louis Baker
570 Jordan Cummings
577 Scott Grades
591 Jack Giddings
621 Gareth Parker
700 Steve McMamara
760 Joey Reynolds
784 Tommy Killick
817 Toby Hodgkinson
831 Josh Fuller

National Bangers - Unlimited - 39 cars

21 Dean Tompkins
24 Patrick Hughes
27 Dale Hughes
28 Fred James
32 Callum Reed
69 Matt Randell
84 Jack Ansell
114 Liam Lake
124 Carl Korszewski
143 Daniel Rose
162 Brent Shaw
203 Darren Nash
209 Tom Waller
224 Lewis Canham
242 Rick Korpeila
257 Jay Lingham
262 Rob Bugler
284 James Head
294 Lee Hughes
390 Dan Stacey
400 Lee Kingsnorth
440 Lennon Phillips
442 Ricky Deans
444 Charlie Jackson
456 Nathan Roberts
526 Jack Denikiewicz
542 Craig Oliver
570 Jordan Cummings
592 Mark Marchant
622 Garry Webb
623 Ricky Hutton
625 Josh Gooch
627 Terry Coke
639 Tye Williams
699 Stacey Holdsworth
717 Harvey Devall Junior
741 Charlie Daniels
887 Robert Browning
941 Jimmy Matthews

NB: While we take all possible care in compiling this list we cannot be held responsible for the non-appearance of an individual driver!


Coming Events
- 4/ 7 - 10am
Open Practice Session
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- 12/ 7 - 12noon
Closed Doors Bashing!

National Bangers

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