Aldershot - 9/8/2020 @ 12pm

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Admission Prices are as follows :

General Admission£16.00
Concession : (65yr’s & over) £13.00
Concession : Children (5-14yrs) £6.00
Family Ticket : 2 Adults & 3 Children£40.00

1300 Stock Cars


Bone Builders Junior Micra Stock Cars

Bone Builders Ninja Karts

UK Barn Finds Historic Stock Cars



Aldershot Raceway – Sunday 9th August 2020
Five Formula Spectacular!
Meeting Preview

Spedeworth Motorsports presents a Five Formula Spectacular this coming Sunday 9th August at Aldershot Raceway, (with strict COVID – 19 measures in place) featuring the 1300 Stock Cars, Back to Basics Bangers, the ‘stars of the future’ that are the Bone Builders Ninja Karts and the Junior Micra Stock Cars plus with a look at the past, the Historic Stock Cars to make it a thrilling racing afternoon of both contact and non – contact racing action!

We start with the 1300 Stock Cars as they compete for a round of their 2020 Motor Parts Direct Super Series. Motor Parts Direct has established an enviable reputation for quality and reliability, whilst at the same time meeting all its targets for successful growth – setting the standards in motor factoring. Personal service is at the heart of the MPD ethos, so if you’re in the need for parts, advice and quality service, call into your local MPD Branch and tell them Spedeworth sent you!

At time of press, we have a good entry of 21 Drivers booked to appear including Lee Pearce, Fred and Curtis Tebbenham, Jack Aylward, Kevin Thurlow, Jamie Blackman, Jack Mayle and Clark Wells with no doubt more to join them come the day. No doubt this will be a bruising affair, the 1300’s often put on a great show at Aldershot with many glancing off the steel plate Safety Fence!
Joining the 1300 Stock Cars we have the Back to Basics Bangers, always a firm favourite here. The Bangers always come to Aldershot meaning business and this week they have the opportunity to bring with them some machinery we do not always see in Banger Racing as they compete in a ‘back to basics’ specification. These meetings can often attract some Drivers not often seen racing here as they will sometimes use a ‘car that has been sat in stock’ just awaiting an event like this! Drivers booked so far include Gary Jackson, Luke Hardy, Jimmy Craig, Luke Webb, Lauren Annets, Jamie Hastings, Josh Wilkins and a host of others and no doubt a few more come race day joining the 42 we already have booked in, in what will no doubt become quite a clash!

We also have our Star Drivers of the future and the return of the Bone Builders Ninja Karts. These youngsters never fail to disappoint and we have witnessed some very lively racing from them over recent years. The Bone Builders Ninja Kart Formula continues to be a great success story of Spedeworth Motorsports with plenty of Drivers, some very well prepared cars and some very even and competitive racing, serving up entertainment whenever they appear.

Once again in 2020, the Formula again enjoys Sponsorship from our good Friends at M.I. Bone Builders. Curtis Bone and his Staff have been making a significant contribution to the future of our sport for several years now, and the continued Sponsoring of the Ninja Karts - underlines that fact even greater. Curtis also greatly assists with the promotion of our sport too and we sincerely thank him and the team for all their help too. Please support the people that support us so please consider M.I. Bone Builders for your next building project?

Their racing season here at Aldershot is always well supported and ultra – competitive! If you have never seen the Ninja Karts before, they are for ages 6 – 11th Birthday, race ‘non – contact’ and feature 50cc Karts ‘USA style’. We have 17 Drivers booked to appear so far including Rosie Tuppen, Jenson Jackson, Max Taylor, Son of NHR Driver Shaun, Finley Kew, Son of current NHR European Champion, Jason Kew, Lola and Jacob Jackson and others all hoping for glory and a trophy!

Whilst looking at our ‘Future Star Drivers’ we have the return of the Bones Builders Junior Micra Stock Cars to Aldershot. The formula introduced as a Spedeworth replacement of ORCi Ministox, is growing steadily and in 2020 again enjoys Sponsorship from our good Friends at M.I. Bone Builders. During the winter and lockdown, some Drivers have passed the age limit and moved into other Formulas but we still have 21 Drivers booked to appear so far including Billy Codling, Chloe Aylward, Ashleigh – Jane Anstiss, Faye Madgwick, Anthony Weaver, Jack Botfield, Harry Wickens, Kodi Page and a host more that will no doubt be rattling the Safety Fence and each other during the afternoon!

Finally we also welcome the return of the U.K. Barn Finds Historic Stock Cars who always bring fun and a smile to many long – standing Spedeworth Fans. With their roots going back to 1968, this is the Formula that captivated Race Fans the UK over throughout their golden era of the 1970’s and 80’s. This is an opportunity to see those cars from that era in today’s combat. Cars range from Ford Cortina’s and Anglia’s through to Triumph’s and still the occasional MG Magnette, ‘The’ choice of car for this Formula in the 70’s. We have a healthy 15 cars booked in so far and some fabulous Drivers that can race these cars to their full potential. Bill Bylett, Nicholas Wickham, Nigel Weeks, Ricky Clements, Andy Dodge, Gordon Coull, Kevin Welch and others are very experienced drivers and are not afraid to get stuck in and demonstrate tail – out good old Stock Saloon action from yesteryear!

The event is to be run whilst following the government guidelines regarding COVID-19 and spectator attendance will be restricted.

Please note that this event is strictly ADVANCED TICKET BOOKING ONLY! Tickets will not be issued on the day. Failure to produce a valid ticket will cause you to be refused entrance to the stadium. There are no exceptions to this rule.

You MUST bring this e-ticket with you on your phone for our team to check prior to allowing your admission into the stadium.

Please also be aware that FACE COVERINGS are mandatory at this event and all persons MUST supply your own face covering. Failure to be wearing a face covering will cause your entrance into the stadium to be refused and no refund will be issued.

All spectators once checked and admitted into the stadium must remain in the stadium. If you wish to leave the venue at any time you may do so, but re-admittance will not be permitted.

Whilst we appreciate this is a lot to understand everyone must abide by the stadium rules whilst at the event. Failure to do so will result in eviction from the stadium.

We would like to thank everyone in advance for their continued support and let’s go racing!!

There’s lots of races to get through with racing starting at 12pm, and turnstiles opening around 9.30am.
Facilities include a seated Grandstand, banked terracing and catering stalls. If it’s warm, don’t forget to visit the ice cream van and the Graphics by Dave Trackshop for all your favourite Spedeworth merchandise. Val’s Trackshop is also a must – visit where you can purchase the latest issue of Wheelspin Magazine plus back issues you may have missed during lockdown. Don’t forget to purchase your Souvenir Full Colour Programme’ too.
The Stadium also has plenty of toilets and ample car parking.

If you haven’t visited Aldershot before, this meeting could be just the excuse needed to visit us as we look forward to you joining us on Sunday at Aldershot Raceway!

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Booking List

Booking list as 07/08/2020, 3.30pm

1300cc Stock Cars - 31 cars

23 Lee Pearce
29 George Morphey
37 Fred Tebbaham
41 Joe Parker
92 Charlie Morphey
129 Will Morphey
137 Curtis Tebbenham
143 Daniel Hansford
144 Jordan Godfrey
146 Jack Aylward
194 Steve Anscombe
210 Daniel Barkham
246 Derek Russell
303 Jacob Bromley
319 Charlie Mayle
352 Keith Simmons
385 Kevin Thurlow
415 Jamie Blackman
418 Luke Barkham
421 Jim Cogger
436 Matthew Arnold
503 David Matthews
523 Harry Coxhead
566 Declan Salmon
604 Jack Mayle
623 Bradley Coxhead
690 Jason Askew
711 Clark Wells
715 Kyle Hegg
833 Scott Lindsell
834 Declan Lindsell

Bangers - 'Back To Basics' - 54 cars - FULLY BOOKED!!

18 James Friston
34 Vernon Head
49 Kyle Cook
72 Graham Potts
80 Matt Nutley
88 Sam Macey
109 Lee Pragnell
157 Martin Sharp
176 Elliott Hedger
222 Reece Butler
260 Keith Reynolds
265 Gary Jackson
295 Ashley Wallace
309 Chris Parry
317 Tommy Devall
320 Luke Hardy
322 Paul Brown
323 Sean Ness
324 Ryan Redit
328 Mike Parry
361 Bryan Chandler
403 Nick Ryder
404 Sam Dace
414 Jimmy Craig
416 Andrew Freeman
417 Harvey Devall
469 Paul Quinnell
473 Mark Nicholls
494 Jack Harris
527 Elliot Wise
528 Guy Wise
553 Luke Webb
557 Michael Turner
591 Aaron Morris
613 Chris Davies
665 Malcolm Parratt
683 Reece Woodgate
703 Jamie Carter
706 Alfie Turner
713 Lauren Annets
717 Harvey Devall Junior
760 Joe Reynolds
763 Charles Wilson
775 Dillon Whiddington
800 Daniel Taylor
801 Steven Reed
802 Joe Hammond
817 Toby Hodgkinson
818 Kieron Argrave
822 Josh Strauss
853 Jamie Hastings
888 Simon Minihane
901 Reece Worby
910 Josh Wilkins

Bone Builders Junior Micra Stock Cars - 22 cars

4 Luca Kayden Brown
10 James Holmes
19 Callum Bryant
22 Addison Sibley
31 Ciaran Baxter
33 Billy Codling
44 Ollie Jones
46 Chloe Aylward
57 Gracie May Potts
66 Tommy Crome
100 Cain Harding
118 Bradley Barber
124 Ashleigh-Jane Anstiss
133 Faye Madgwick
207 Anthony Weaver
210 Mason Barkham
301 Jack Botfield
404 Harry Wickens
605 Charlie Sloane
614 Harrison Evans
615 Kodi Page
632 Thomas Johnson

Bone Builders Ninja Karts - 21 cars

2 Rosie Tuppen
3 Jenson Jackson
41 Riley Pentacost
115 Thomas Madden
124 Taylor Jane Anstiss
152 Max Taylor
155 Harrison Pepper
160 Jackson Keeping
174 Finley Kew
188 Ellis Snow
300 Lola Jackson
311 Jacob Jackson
507 Jake Ashby
561 Jack Pilgram
591 Murray Hall
718 Alfie Brown
721 Kenzie Bell
743 Josh Parfitt
751 Charlie Hensby
809 Toby Tyson
834 George Climo

UK Barn Finds Historic Stock Cars - 18 cars

4 David Wilde
17 Daniel Owen
26 Bill Bylett
36 Sean Lavender
71 Nicholas Wickham
83 Nigel Weeks
107 Graham Michael Kirton
161 Ross Gill
177 Ricky Clements
199 Andy Dodge
314 Graham Stallwood
323 Brian O'Hara
345 Nick Souter
368 Rob Rice
506 Terry Williams
510 Gordon Coull
668 Lee Davis
711 Kevin Welch

NB: While we take all possible care in compiling this list we cannot be held responsible for the non-appearance of an individual driver!


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