ORCi Ministox

The training ground for the oval stars of tomorrow, Ministox sees 11-16 year olds compete in armoured-up Minis with contact allowed. Their skill and racecraft can often put much older racers to shame!

This class is the ideal opportunity for young aspiring racers to get out on track, and the majority of the UKs best oval racers began their careers at the wheel of a Ministox.

You may be thinking that these are expensive machines, fear not, the cars are completely standard 1000cc Minis. The cars carry sufficient armouring to prevent the youngsters from coming to any harm due to over-enthusiasm in this contact class.

The racing is quite similar to the stock cars. The Ministox drive in a clockwise direction unlike some of the 'senior' formulae whose direction is anti-clockwise. Once old enough the youngsters can enter the 'senior' formulas where they can really stretch their legs! The racing from the Ministox is always exciting and very rarely dull!

The ORCi Ministox race at our sister company Incarace's race tracks in the Midlands.

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Where and when you can see this class in action at Spedeworth Tracks

Date Venue Formula
16/2/2019 @ 5pm
Birmingham 2019 Heartbreaker

National Bangers
u2000cc World Championship
Wild Card

ORCi Ministox

Stock Rods
Incarace points scoring meeting
17/2/2019 @ 5.30pm
Yarmouth 2019 Season Opener!!

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