National Saloon Stock Cars

Saloon Stock Car racing is one of the oldest-established formulas on the UK short ovals. The formula features Ford Sierra-based machines with two-litre engines and heavy armouring around the exterior, and heavy crash and bash action is always a feature of every meeting.

Some may confuse the heavy hits of the formula with Banger racing but these machines are built to last and heavy follow-ins are not allowed.

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Where and when you can see this class in action at Spedeworth Tracks

Date Venue Formula
4/6/2017 @ 1pm
Aldershot Bangers
'Back To Basics'
Piggy Back Racing

Junior Rods
Kustom Racewear Challenge Series Round 4

National Saloon Stock Cars
1st Time Ever!!

Rookie Rods
Southern Shootout Series Round 4
Sat/Sun 22nd & 23rd July @ 5pm/1.30pm Mildenhall National Saloon Stock Cars
European Championship Weekend

National Bangers
Pre`90 Unlimited Suffolk Championship (No Yanks) & Rear Wheel Driver Series Round

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars

Historic Stock Cars
5/8/2017 @ 6pm
Mildenhall National Banger World Series
Round 7

Unlimited National Bangers
BWS & Rear-wheel Drive Round 3

National Saloon Stock Cars
24/8/2017 @ 7.30pm
Yarmouth Bangers
'Back To Basics'

Lightning Rods
Polleysport/Yokohama Tyres Series Round 8

National Saloon Stock Cars
The Long Awaited Return!!

plus Banger Skid Racing (TBC)
14/10/2017 @ 6pm
Mildenhall 1300cc Stock Cars

National Bangers
Rear-Wheel Drive Championship

National Saloon Stock Cars
Whites & Yellows Championship
22/10/2017 @ 1pm
Aldershot National Bangers
u1600cc Aldershot Open Championship
(No Mondeo/Cougar or Honda powered cars)

1300cc Stock Cars
Southern Championship
& Motor Parts Direct Super Series Grand Final

Bone Builders Junior Micra Stock Cars

National Saloon Stock Cars
4/11/2017 @ 6pm
Ipswich Gala Night


National Saloon Stock Cars

plus Fireworks Spectacular

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