Junior Banger World Driver Information - Added 23/04/2018

On behalf of Kings Lynn, Spedeworth / Incarace would like to make all drivers aware of the following in preparation for the World Final meeting at kings Lynn on Monday 7th May.

- All qualifiers must have a fresh car.
- There is no last chance race and no other bookings available for visiting drivers.

The Junior Banger Association would like to remind parents and drivers that they need to ensure their car is completely to the 2018 Rule Book.

The JBA would like to highlight the following points
- Micra exhaust pipe from the bottom of the cat must be standard size 37/38mm outside diameter
- All exhausts must have a silencer fitted, and working. No cherry bombs
- Rev limiters must be as standard
- All engines and gearboxes must comply to 2018 rules
- Bonnet bolts must not pass the top of suspension turret
- All 4 wheels must be the same size
- Window nets must be secure, but quick release
- Neckbrace must be the complete hoop type
- All cars must be unraced (that will be taking part in the World Final)
- No negative camber whatsoever
- All plastic trim, including bonnet grille and spoilers must be removed
- Roof fin numbers MUST be Black on White background, or White on Black background ONLY

There will be scrutineers from various promotions present, post final checks will be done after the World final.

Following the World Final, the remaining races will be run in Graded order. Whilst Spedeworth/Incarace drivers do not operate grades for Junior Bangers, these are the grades allocated for these races. Drivers are not required to paint their roof, but may do so if they wish.

Spedeworth Drivers

8 Finlay Damon - Yellow
13 Morgen McCarthy - Blue
156 Levi Oughton - Red
452 Harry Eyles - Blue
710 Josh Dodge - Red
823 Jamie Murrell - Red

Incarace Drivers

129 Tyler Sayer - Yellow
131 Harley McCarthy Red
132 Archie Cullum - Blue
450 Blake Platts - Red
556 Louis Barker - Red
601 Devon Usher - Blue
842 Keaton Ivins - Yellow

Please contact your Promoter if you need a copy of the 2018 Junior Banger Rules.

Thank you.


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