CIVIL WAR STOP PRESS NEWS - Added 24/12/2018

Army Generals Stu Kearsley (THE NORTH) and Paul Adams (THE SOUTH) have released details of the Light Brigade army (Micros) for the superb National Banger Civil War, North versus South Team event.

The Battle date is Sunday 13th January 2019 in the confines of the Battlefields of Hednesford Hills Raceway, with the first encounter scheduled to commence at 1pm. This is the 20th consecutive battle and SOUTH General Adams is desperate for victory with the current state of affairs showing 10 victories to the NORTH and 9 to the SOUTH. I am sure General Kearsley will have something to say to that.

The Generals have once again been very secretive of the details of the troops, but they agreed to publish the first army today and the Infantry and Tank Divisions will follow over the next week.

THE NORTHERN ARMY is the mastermind of General Stu Kearsley supported extremely well with the individual Army Captains.

So the Northern Army Line up is as follows :

The Light Brigade
3 Mitchell Finney
21 Gav Robinson
29 Aaron Witton
43 Nicky Bishop
60 Dan Croskell
72 Billy Bond (CAPTAIN)
109 Andrew Molloy
112 Daz Prestage
159 Callum Campbell
164 Gary Shaw
182 Ross Stewart
182 Reece Tingle
198 Tommy Dawes
246 Dylan Ward
248 Jamie Blything
269 Tom Morris
281 Lewis Tingle
292 Sam Betteridge
310 John Nicholson
330 Jackson Whitehead
331 Mackenzie Whitehead
355 Martin Mullins
410 Jake Calvert
429 Joey Stav
466 Dalton Steele
478 Craig Royal
537 Paul Mason
540 Tom Metcalf
573 Alan Ogden
685 Daniel Wilkinson

THE SOUTHERN ARMY has been crafted by General Paul Adams supported by his hard working Army Captains too.

The Light Brigade
2 Jack Hodges
28 Craig Cooper
36 Paddy Fagan
38 Jon Waite
43 Luke Maynard
78 Lee Macey
84 Jack Ansell
88 Billy Page
94 Jack Anscombe
135 Jamie Bachelor
160 Jamie War
242 Rick Kapila
305 Alfie Cornish
321 Keiron Fry (CAPTAIN)
326 Edward Kennet
409 Charlie bitstock
440 Lennon Phillips
442 Ricky fat pants
444 Charlie Jackson
583 Dan Weeks
597 Shane Lines
622 Stuart Davis
678 steven Lillywhite
747 Bradley Crandon
787 Marc Key
751 Lawrence Wells
821 Jamie Rogers
823 jamie Murrell
920 Terry Church
921 Jack Aldridge

All details are correct as at Monday. 24th December 2018 6pm

We look forward to the nest announcement of the Infantry Division


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