3 Litre Banger Meetings – 12/05 & 01/09 - Added 13/03/2019

Those of you who may have read the fixtures may have noticed two 3ltr meetings at Aldershot Raceway. The idea of these meetings is a chance for some drivers to dip their toe into the waters of Unlimited Bangers for a taster and for some drivers to have an old skool type meetings without the commitment of todays National Bangers.

The atmosphere and racing at these meetings will be very much old skool. The idea being the drivers get a full days racing before smashing their car up in the final / destruction derby.

Please do not book-in if you cannot build a car or race to the rules that are to be outlined below:-

• Cars must be over 1800cc. No Previas or Frogeyes.
• E-Class Mercedes and Supras – NO V6 or Duratech engine swaps.
• No engine cradles on original or replacement engines.
• No brand new tyres or Rainsports and Weatherspeeds, tyres can be gatored.
• Engine swaps allowed as per 2019 Unlimited National Banger rules, except no duratechs.
• Engine guards as per 2019 Unlimited National Banger rules.
• Two bonnet bolts and corner plates or four bonnet belts without corner plates, no crush tubes.
• Only one (B-pillar) side clamp.
• 3 extra bolts in the rear door.
• 2 extra bolts in the front door.
• Two bolts and two pieces of seat belt holding the boot / tailgate.
• No additional welding beyond the wheelbase.
• Repair work to rusty cars must be with metal equal to the original thickness. Stitch welded – one inch weld – one inch gap etc.
• Diffs are as per 2019 Unlimited National Banger rules.
• One extra bolt is allowed in the front and rear arches.
• Bumpers. You may use the original front bumper only. No adding of plate or additional bumpers.
• No welding of ‘tags’ on the boot, passenger doors or bumper.

We fully understand that this type of meeting will not appeal to everyone but please do not comment if you have no intention of racing or watching.


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Coming Events
- 25/ 5 - 5pm
National Bangers
u2000cc - No Mondeos / Cougars
British & World Qualifier

1300cc Stock Cars
Motor Parts Direct Super Series Round 5

National Saloon Stock Cars

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- 25/ 5 - 5pm
Incarace World Qualifying Round

Lightning Rods
Polleysport / Yokohama Tyres Serie Round 8
Spedeworth & Incarace points scoring meeting

ORCi Ministox
ORCi Championship


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- 26/ 5 - 12noon
'Back To Basics'
Fours Tournament including Flag Race

Bone Builders Ninja Karts

UK Barn Finds Historic Stock Cars

Please Note:- Junior Bangers now at Eastbourne on Monday 27th May 2019

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- 26/ 5 - 5.30pm
National Bangers
National Banger World Series
Round 4

Rookie Rods

Hoosier Racing Tire Series Round 7
Safari Land Rover Engineering Challenge Series Round 5

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- 27/ 5 - 1.30pm
National Bangers
Micro Madness
4-a-side Teams

Junior Bangers
Spedeworth & Incarace points scoring meeting

Mini Super Twos

Please Note:- Bone Builders Junior Micra Stock Cars moved to Wednesday 29th May

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