Classic Hot Rods

Awakening memories of a bygone era of Hot Rod racing, these carefully built and lovingly maintained replicas provide an awesome sight and great side by side racing.

Originally conceived as a mere demonstration by a group of oval racing stars of the past, Classic Hot Rod racing is now a star formula in its own right. Ford Escort Mk1s and Mk2s, Ford Anglias, Minis and Vauxhall Chevettes are the cars of choice, and every one looks nothing short of stunning and goes as well as it looks. Some stars of Hot Rod racing past have even been tempted out of retirement to compete in lookalikes of the cars in which they made their names during their career.

The biggest event for these retro racers is the annual Bill Morris Memorial contested at Hednesford Hills Raceway in memory of the raceway's founder, but there are plenty of other fixtures across the UK including all the Spedeworth/Incarace tracks.

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Where and when you can see this class in action at Spedeworth Tracks

Date Venue Formula
Sat 7th & Sun 8th July - 9.30am/12noon Ipswich 2018 Spedeweekend

National Hot Rods
World Championship

2.0 Hot Rods
European Championship

Lightning Rods
British Championship

Classic Hot Rods
National Championship
(Saturday Only)

National Championship
The Eaton Family Trophy

1300cc Stock Cars
Supreme Championship

Stock Rods
East Anglian Championship

'Back To Basics - 100 Car Challenge!
(Saturday Only)

Bone Builders Ninja Karts
Stars Of The Future

Event Start:- 9.30am (Both Days)
Race Start:- 12noon (Both Days)
18/7/2018 @ 7.30pm
Eastbourne Bangers
'Back To Basics'
Best Buds plus In-line Pairs Race

Classic Hot Rods
The Holiday Makers Trophy

Stock Rods
National Championship Last Chance Qualifier
Polleysport / Yokohama Tyres Series Round 5
29/7/2018 @ 5.30pm
Yarmouth 2.0 Hot Rods
Hoosier Racing Tire Series Round 12

World Qualifier - No Zafiras

'Back To Basics' - Unlimited

Classic Hot Rods
Seasiders Trophy
11/8/2018 @ 6pm
Northampton BriSCA F1 Stock Cars
World Championship Semi-Final

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars

Classic Hot Rods
Midland Championship
8/9/2018 @ 6.45pm
Ipswich Bangers
'Back To Basics' - Unlimited

Classic Hot Rods
Saturday Night Thunder

Rookie Rods
Long Track Championship
14/10/2018 @ 1.30pm
Hednesford Bangers

Classic Hot Rods
Autumn Classic

National Hot Rods
2018/19 World Qualifying Round 5

Oval Track Legends
Shootout Series Round 7
4/11/2018 @ 2pm
Hednesford 2018 Season Finale
Gala Event

Fireworks Spectacular

'Back To Basics'
Man Of The Midlands Championship 10th Anniversary sponsored by Gamble Motorsport & Wulfsport International

Classic Hot Rods
Best In Britain

National Hot Rods
2018/19 World Qualifying Round 7

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