National Bangers

The 'National' Bangers as the name suggests is a full contact, crashing formula. This is the last stop on the line that leads to the car crusher for somebody's one-time pride and joy, which has generally failed the dreaded MOT test!

Needless to say this formula is not only a contact formula but it is actively encouraged, the big cars like Ford Granadas, Volvos, Jaguars and now Supras & Lexus are the preferred weapons, and the action at times can be very heavy. Destroying the opposition is often the preferred objective rather than actually winning the race you've just entered.

The name Bangers, lends itself to many types of automobile, as you can see in a number of these pictures, Big Vans, Figure of 8, team racing and even caravans all get a chance, whilst the lower engine capacity limits on a number of the meetings throughout the season give the chance for the smaller fry to perform without getting their prize blitzed by the big stuff!

The biggest night of the year goes to Foxhall Stadium, where the traditional Banger World Final takes place at the Ipswich venue in October. This event often outstrips the others, especially when it comes to spectators, where signs are often seen saying "House Full" hanging from the gates!

2017 also sees the return of the Banger World Series with 8 top quality rounds of full contact racing at some of our tracks and those of our sister companies, Incarace & Mildenhall Stadium - the prize at each round for one lucky driver being a place on the grid for the National Banger World Final at Ipswich in October!

2017/18 Spedeworth National Banger World Qualifying

The qualifying system for Spedeworth registered drivers for the World Final at Foxhall Heath Stadium, Ipswich upto the end of 2017 is as follows:

Wild Card Rounds
The following meetings carry a Wildcard place where the winner of the final carries an automatic spot into the World Final race:-

To be announced….

World Qualifying Rounds
These meetings carry race points on each race going from 10 for a race win, then down to 1 point for a 10th. In the Final the points are handed out as follows: 20, 18, 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1.

To be announced….

DD Points
At the following meetings, DD points are available for the last 2 running drivers, 15 and 10 points.

To be announced….

Attendance Points
Attendance points are awarded at the following meetings:

U1600cc (No Mondeo/Cougar or Honda powered cars) – Aldershot – Sunday 22nd October – 10 points
Unlimited – Northampton – Sunday 12th November – 20 points
Unlimited – Birmingham – Saturday 25th November – 20 points
Micro Madness - Eastbourne - Saturday 9th December - 10 points
Big Vans – Great Yarmouth – Tuesday 26th December – 30 points
Micro Madness 4-a-side Teams – Great Yarmouth – Monday 1st January 2018 – 30 points
2018 dates to follow....

Bonus Attendance Points

To be announced….

Points Deductions
Drivers booking in for any National Banger meeting, failing to cancel, and not showing up, will have the relevant points for that meeting deducted from their total – i.e. if they would have scored 10 points for attending that event they would have 10 points deducted.

The top TBC Spedeworth registered drivers will qualify for the World Final.

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Where and when you can see this class in action at Spedeworth Tracks

Date Venue Formula
26/12/2017 @ 5pm
Yarmouth 2017 Season Finale

1300cc Stock Cars
Best In Britain

2.0 Hot Rods
Best In Britain

'Back To Basics'

National Bangers
Big Vans
1/1/2018 @ 2pm
Yarmouth 2018 Season Opener

National Bangers
Micro Madness
4-a-side Teams

Lightning Rods
Best In Britain

Best In Britain
14/1/2018 @ 1pm
Hednesford CIVIL WAR 19





11/2/2018 @ 1pm
Northampton Heartbreaker

National Bangers

Junior Bangers

3/3/2018 @ 6.45pm
Ipswich National Banger World
Series Round 1

National Bangers

2.0 Hot Rods

Historic Stock Cars
10/3/2018 @ 6pm
Northampton National Bangers
Micro Madness

1300cc Stock Cars

'Back To Basics'

11/3/2018 @ 1pm
Aldershot National Bangers
Aldershot Open

Bone Builders Junior Micra Stock Cars

National Saloon Stock Cars
2/4/2018 @ 1.30pm
Northampton National Banger World
Series Round 2

National Bangers

National Ministox

V8 Hot Stox

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