The Superstox have an incredible heritage across the years, in fact it was the formula that Spedeworth was founded upon over 60 years ago. Like us as an organisation, the cars have transformed since the mid-20th Century, although the very essence of the class remains.

Cut to the modern day and the Superstox car is a purpose-built, 2 litre-powered, single seater. Not only are the class high speed, they are full contact with steel bumpers at the front and back to be used to push competitors out of the way!

Like most of the other classes of oval track formulae, the big name stars of the formula - with the highest points - start at the back of the grid, so the aforementioned bumpers have to be used to get through to take the chequered flag first: resulting in top action throughout each race.

The first World Championship was held at Ipswich (Foxhall Heath Stadium) in 1961, although the formula in those days were known as F2. That race was won by Jan Scott, with the 50th Anniversary race won by Nick Smith in 2011 and the 60th Anniversary taking place in 2021 where it was Nick Roots who became World Champion.

It goes without saying that contact racing fuels rivalries and breathtaking action, with plenty of characters in the formula meaning race fans regularly shout and cheer their favourites on from the terraces - just adding to the excitement of events.

Superstox have always - and always will be - a formula worth watching across the Spedeworth Incarace ovals!

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Where and when you can see this class in action at Spedeworth Tracks

Date Venue Formula
7/1/2024 @ 1pm
Eastbourne 2024 Season Opener

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