Eastbourne - 28/7/2021 @ 7.30pm

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Arlington 28th July 2021 Ticket Information

Advanced E-Tickets admission prices are as follows:-

General Admission : 15yrs & over18.00
Concession : 65yrs & over16.00
Concession : Children 5-14yrs6.00
Family Ticket : 2 Adults & 3 Children44.00

Turnstiles admission prices are as follows (Cash or Card):-

General Admission : 15yrs & over20.00
Concession : 65yrs & over18.00
Concession : Children 5-14yrs8.00
Family Ticket : 2 Adults & 3 Children46.00

Discount priced advanced tickets can only be booked via our online ticketing system by clicking on the link below.

Alternatively, tickets for this event can also be purchased using either cash or card methods of payment at the turnstiles on the day.

Please note that we WILL require a valid e-mail address and contact number when ordering your ticket(s) to be able to send your electronic tickets to you.

When ordering your tickets you will go through the following process:-

Select the tickets you wish to purchase.
The delivery method of your tickets will be automatically assigned to our e-ticket system.
Complete your details as specified within the process.
Complete the details of all persons within your group.
Complete your payment details.
Order will now be complete.

On completion you will receive an email to show what you have ordered. This email is NOT your ticket confirmation.

Once our team have processed your order you will receive an order update which will include your E-Ticket details and what to do next.

You MUST bring this e-ticket with you on your phone or printed for our team to check prior to allowing your admission into the stadium.

E-Ticket(s) are non-transferable.

We would like to thank everyone in advance for their continued support and lets go racing!!

1300 Stock Cars


Mini Super Twos


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Booking List

Booking list as 27/07/2021, 5pm

1300cc Stock Cars - 16 cars

23 Lee Pearce
37 Fred Tebbaham
55 Fred Walker
143 Daniel Hansford
146 Jack Aylward
219 Dan Rowson
232 Jake Sheldon
246 Derek Russell
319 Charlie Mayle
409 Joseph Giles
415 Jamie Blackman
444 Jamie Hemmings
503 David Matthews
523 Harry Coxhead
623 Bradley Coxhead
690 Jason Askew

Bangers - 'Back To Basics' - 20 cars

17 Charlie Ford
23 Mathew Fayers
24 Craig Mitchell
43 Luke Maynard
80 Matt Nutley
94 Jack Anscombe
194 Steve Anscombe
197 Peter Dodge
217 Harrison Devall
250 Dave Preston
260 Keith Reynolds
283 Louise Strudwick
301 Jack Botfield
317 Tommy Devall
376 Andy Hedger
417 Harvey Devall
452 Harry Eyles
494 Abbie Anscombe
713 Lauren Annets
726 Ross Dyer

Mini Super Twos - British Championship - 19 cars

12 Paul Sweeney
16 Courtney Smith
23 Matthew Cotter
28 Steve Slipper
38 Daniel Boys
79 Daniel Lake
81 Paul Cook
85 Craig Marchant
145 Scott Kinton
213 Stephen Kinton
266 Paul Burksfield
267 Danielle Weaver
300 Tristan Jackson
325 Robert Pellett
376 Max Carmen
476 Sean Pooley
633 Barry Amas
711 Andrew Hopkins
761 Matthew Smith

NB: While we take all possible care in compiling this list we cannot be held responsible for the non-appearance of an individual driver!


Coming Events
- 28/ 7 - 7.30pm
1300cc Stock Cars
Southern Championship
Motor Parts Direct Super Series Round 4

Back To Basics

Mini Super Twos
British Championship

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- 29/ 7 - 7.30pm
Caravan Figure of 8 Destruction Derby

Back To Basics

National Saloon Stock Cars


2.0 Hot Rods

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- 30/ 7 - 2pm

National Hot Rods
National Championship
NHRPA Championship

Lightning Rods
National Championship

Stock Rods
National Championship

National Championship

Friday Practice:- 2pm
Saturday Qualifying:- 1pm
Sunday Championships:- 1pm

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- 31/ 7 - 4pm

National Bangers
Unlimited World Series Round

Classic Hot Rods
Shale Shifters Trophy

Junior Bangers

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- 1/ 8 - 12pm
Back To Basics - Vans
"Delivery Drivers Championship"

Bone Builders Ninja Karts

Grand Prix Midgets
Derek Kisby Trophy

British 2021 Round 7 & Summer Bash Round 1

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